As part of your natural heritage, caribou are indicators of the health of our environment. They occupy a small band of habitat associated with high elevation and snow pack. These areas are necessary for clean water, stream temperature and native fish health, and other important indicators such as grizzly bear, golden eagle, wolverine, lynx and other high elevation habitat users. 

As part of our heritage collectively, we have a responsibility as earth’s stewards to maintain the health and productivity of our planet. When these indicators start to disappear, how long before we feel the ramifications of our decisions reach us as a community or individually?

What we're doing about it

Like most projects, our goals and objectives are multi-pronged, from coordinating with local governments and agencies, to local particpation and activism. 

We need your help to encourage your federal and state agencies to protect and recover this species. If it is important to you, it will become important to them.

Currently we are in a period of apathy. We need you to advocate for this population. We need you to help raise money to operate and maintain expensive stop gap measures, like the maternity pen, to bridge recovery efforts.

We need you to engage Canada to . You are critical to this population, and all caribou being preserved on our landscape for future generations to know and enjoy. There are still many areas to recreate in the winter. Supporting and adhering to important area closures can reduce and eliminate stress on th ese animals.

How you can help

You might be the most important part of the solution. If we can show our government representatives that this is important to us as a community, it will make it important to them.